Welcome At the Caribbean

Where would you rather prefer to be? At the office? At home? In your rainy country? Or at the Caribbean where the sun is almost shining everyday? Where the food is good and the activities varied!

Live the Caribbean life: here, there, everywhere!

  • Ride the Tide cocktail: The ultimate holiday feeling at home part 4
    Summer season has come to an end. But… we keep that vacation feeling lasting with this Ride the Tide cocktail. The ultimate holiday feeling at home, part 4 Cheers and enjoy the feeling!
  • Caribbean Gin, yes indeed!
    When you think about the Caribbean, you think about rum. But did you know that other liquors are made on the islands too? One of those liquors is the Blue Light Caribbean Gin. And this blog is all about my experience with this special gin! Keep reading.
  • Leaving Bonaire
    Long-gone memories from Bonaire! Leaving the island to return home. And being surprised by this amazing sunset. Loved it! And I still do.
  • Caribbean cocktail: The ultimate holiday feeling part 3
    Part 3 of the ‘ultimate holiday feeling’. Time for the Caribbean Cocktail. Not only one, but a list of 10. What else do you need? Cheers!
  • Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen: The ultimate holiday feeling at home part 2
    The ultimate holiday feeling at home. You start with your table decoration. What’s next? The food! Bring in the Caribbean with Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen.
  • Sunset at Arashi Beach Aruba
    Memory Monday – Sunset at Arashi Beach – Aruba. Dream away with this beautyful sunset on one of the many white beaches of Aruba, One Happy Island.
  • Coconut shrimp with Piña Colada dip
    The taste of vacation? In my humble opinion it is really the Coconut Shrimp with a Piña Colada dip. It tastes like a real Caribbean vacation. Time to cook!
  • Lumen: an user’s story
    Lumen: a device that helps you losing weight. But is it really achieving the goals they promise? An user’s story.Lumen: a device that helps you losing weight. But is it really achieving the promised goals? An user’s story, including thoughts, the theory and the results
  • Cuba Libre – the Cuban cocktail
    Imagine: you, on a Caribbean island, feet in the sand and a cocktail in your hand. Which cocktail would that be? Ours? Today a Cuba Libre!
  • Summer body & Lumen: a match made in heaven!
    Borders will probably reopen soon. But are you ready to wear your bikini or beach shorts? Work your summer body with Lumen.
  • Flying Dutchman: signature cocktail KLM
    It’s Sunday. Day many of the quarantine. Another day to dream away of your next holiday destination at the Caribbean. Today we will dream away with the perfect cocktail: the Flying Dutchman.
  • What would you do when…
    Times are different at this moment. So I was wondering… what would you do when the COVID-19 situation did not exist? Where would you be?

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