At the Caribbean: Lumen, my lifestyle coach

Lumen: an user’s story

Recently I introduced you to Lumen. A small device that measures the CO2 in your breath. I did the unboxing of the arrived package. And told you about the basics of the system. I also promised you to publish the results of my husband after using his Lumen for some weeks. Due to lots of questions past days about the way he lost so much weight, I decided to put his story online. He wrote this first results after six weeks. Meanwhile, we are a few weeks further. So he will write another update soon.

Stay seated, relax and read his story. Spoiler alert: he is a huge fan of Lumen and the way it works.  

I am not dieting, I am changing my lifestyle

His story…

And his thoughts

Everybody knows the saying, summer bodies are being made in winter. The same with the struggle to get in shape and if in shape to stay in shape.

Historically, regular diets were the only option. But also in the world of diets developments took a flight. Getting scientist involved working together with dieticians was a huge step and resulted in one of the most impressive developments seen on weight and/or body control ever: Lumen.

Understanding people can have doubts, let’s introduce you to the world of Lumen. Including the scientific background and the real life experience from a user who’s life got changed.

Lumen: more than weight lost

Lumen is all about getting insight and controlling your metabolism, basically hacking your metabolism.  It is not about a crash diet, it’s about balance, control, health and increasing metabolic flexibility. The science behind the device is accurate measurement of CO2 in your breath. High CO2 output means your body is burning carbs. Where a low CO2 output means you are burning fat.

Where most diets mainly have a focus on losing weight,  Lumen offers multiple options:

  • Healthy weight loss (lose weight while improving your metabolic flexibility)
  • Metabolic health (improve your metabolic flexibility and build good habits)
  • Fitness Performance (optimize nutrition to support workouts and improve performance)

Based on one of the three aims above and in combination with your CO2 measurements, you get personal advice on your diet. Without messing up your body. Something that, unfortunately, in a lot of cases happens with all kind of crash diets. As you measure individually you get a personalized and real time advice how to manage and reach your goals. Those goals can change during the use of Lumen.

The results

Being one of the first lucky ones testing a Lumen and the combination with me not having a diet before… the results were phenomenal! In a little more than 6 weeks I lost more than 22 lbs (or 10 kg) without feeling hungry, grumpy or not being able to perform doing my sports. It actually improved my sport performance.

At the Caribbean: Lumen and Summer body match made in heaven
At the Caribbean: Lumen, my lifestyle coach

First steps in the world of Lumen

How does it work to get started? The first step after having finished this review is ordering the Lumen online. Lumen will sent you the following items in a nice box containing a Lumen, a charger and a portable soft case to take the device with you.

The second step is to charge your Lumen with the docking and to download the Lumen App on your smartphone. There you go, you are almost ready to rock. Opening the Lumen App for the first time allows you to connect your Lumen and start calibrating it.

Your first day is a calibration day. As mentioned in the intro, your Lumen is a personalized device, giving you a tailored solution for your body. As everyone’s body is different, it is important to follow Lumen’s instructions. But no need to worry as the app will guide you through. It is a simple and efficient process.

After a day of calibration the real Lumen experience starts. By following the instructions you get from the app you get your personalized diet. It even gives you multiple food suggestions that you can swap around if the suggestion made is not your taste. Because of its flexibility you always eat food you like. The app is also providing you a whole  database including all the insights on carbs, fat’s and energy.

About every day is different and ketones

Using your Lumen you will find out that every day is different. What is logical as your body is acting different all the time. Based on sleep, stress, food, sports, time you fasted between meals, your metabolism is moving and shifting around between using carbs and fats. For example if you are doing sports, Lumen will advise you what to eat before doing an exercise to perform well. And perhaps even more important, after an exercise to recover. You will find out the insight you get in combination with the advice will really make a difference.

Important to explain is that the tool does much more than Ketone breath measurement tools. Ketone breath analyzers are mainly used by people who want to see if their body is in ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state in which some of the body’s energy supply comes from ketone bodies in the blood. In contrast to a state of glycolysis in which blood glucose provides energy. Reaching a state of ketosis usually requires extended deprivation from consuming carbohydrates.

Unlike ketone breath analyzers, Lumen will tell you if your body is burning fat regardless your body started to produce ketone bodies. You will also be able to see the level of carbohydrate usage that your body is using to produce energy, which can’t be detected by ketone breath analyzers.

Daily life routine

As mentioned before, no matter what your goal is, losing weight, metabolic health or performance, Lumen can make a real difference. I chose for losing weight as a main goal. With a BMI (body mass index) of more than 30, I was qualified as obese. Even I didn’t feel it that way. I was able to exercise (running and playing golf, multiple times a week) and lived a good life. I was confronted with the numbers my scale showed me so now and then, but I didn’t feel the urge to change my habits.

Routine changes

When I noticed Lumen as a Kickstarter project, I thought I give it a try. See what I get and how they do it. And I must say, I really changed my daily life routine drastic. I am more aware about what I eat and how I eat. Before and after every meal, I use the device to see how my CO2 level is developing. I have fixed weight moments in a week, to keep me stimulated and to see how I am doing. And being a foodie, I keep on discovering what dishes I can prepare and eat and which ones I have to skip.

Other routines I keep up with is the in between snacks I liked. The secret eater part. I.e. a cookie when having a coffee before bedtime. Or a handful of chips during my afternoon dip. I skipped the cookie, and actually, I don’t miss it. And I changed the chips into nuts, a tomato salsa or mozzarella with tomato.

The last routine is a very important routine for gaining a flexible metabolism. It is the overnight fast. The longer your overnight fast is, the longer your body is burning fat after burning all available carbs. I adjusted the time I have my dinner, it often used to be past 8 pm. And that suits me well. Of course the whole COVID-19 situation is helping a lot. I work from home, so I am able to eat in time. No traffic jams that causes delay, meetings in the evening or dinners with clients. My life became much more regulated and that is also a benefit.

The next 22 lbs.

After reading this, it could be that it seems like lots of efforts I have done to lose those 22 lbs. But that’s not the case. Lumen’s vision is that food should be good. And that you shouldn’t experience hunger or other discomforts. Life is too short to waste it! They support you with building new habits so you can keep up with them.

I gained my weight loss (is it possible to gain weight loss?).  What’s next? My next goal is another 22 lbs., with as ultimate aim a BMI beneath 25. Few more pounds to go, but I am totally motivated. It is much healthier, my sports performances are improved and I feel good. In a few weeks I will I write another blog related to my experiences with Lumen and with my next goals. Keep you updated!

Give it a try too?

Did you became as enthusiastic as I am? Give it a try too. I can assure you, you won’t regret it! Don’t wait and change your health and body by ordering a Lumen device. And let me know how you experience it! Do you get the same results as I got? How do you keep up with a changed lifestyle? Looking forward to it.

At the Caribbean: Lumen, my lifestyle coach
At the Caribbean: Lumen, my lifestyle coach
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