At the Caribbean: Lumen and Summer body match made in heaven

Summer body & Lumen: a match made in heaven!

Summer bodies are made in winter

but Lumen can help!

The first wave of corona is likely coming to an end (or is it wishful thinking). Lots among us has gained some corona weight. Did you see the pictures and the jokes on the internet? Some of them are hilarious! But, back to business! More and more countries are reopening their borders or have the intention to reopen them. And that means: tourism will be possible soon. Also at the Caribbean and that’s when that summer body needs some freshening up. Does your bikini or beach shorts still fit? With not enough time left to work on that summer body like we do in winter, we have to try something new. And that’s where Lumen kicks in.

What is Lumen?

It’s all in the air! Lumen is a device that measures your metabolism through your breath. The device uses a sensor and flow meter to determine the CO2 concentration in a single breath. This indicates the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy. Are you burning fat or carbs? If you want to loose weight, you have to burn the fat reserves in your body. And that’s where Lumen helps you with. Even if you don’t have to loose weight, you can use this device too. I.e. if you are training for an extreme sports event, or if you would like to improve your workouts. But also if you just want to live a bit healthier. The device comes with tips about food and recipes. Select the goal you want and Lumen helps you to reach it.

What does it look like?

Medics in hospitals and clinics and top athletes are used to work with breath analysis. They use all kind of equipment, but nothing that is easy to use at home or that is portable. Lumen is the first portable device that accurately measures your metabolism. What does it look like? I made an unboxing video, because a movie tells you more than lots of words.

The results: summer body loading…

I received my Lumen two weeks ago. And I started using it last week. So I am not able to share my results, because I don’t have them yet. My goal is to get a healthy life, so it will take a few more weeks to see the results. My husband is using Lumen for two months now. And he will share his results soon. He did the weight lose goal and he definitely succeeded. Even though he didn’t gain those corona weight, he is definitely working on his summer body. And it works a lot better than his normal efforts during his winter work out.

Learn more?

Do you want to learn more about Lumen? Check their website for the exact information regarding the product. What it does, how it works and what goals you can achieve with it. And don’t forget to come back soon to check the blog with the results of my husband his weight loss.

And remember… just breath!

At the Caribbean: Lumen and Summer body match made in heaven
At the Caribbean: Lumen and Summer body match made in heaven
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