Leaving Bonaire

Time for another Memory Monday… this time long-gone memories from Bonaire. More specifically the moment I left Bonaire to return home after a relaxed stay. When the plane departed the island, I looked outside. And noticed an amazing view above the clouds.

It’s not goodbye. It’s see you later!

Sunrise & Sunset views

All sunrises and sunsets are special. In particular when on a Caribbean island. But even in the mountains or in the woods. The noise of the sunrise, all animals come to life and start the day. Symphonies all over the place! Nothing better than waking up around sunrise and listen to the start of the day.

The peace that comes with a sunset is so amazing. Being in a plane during sunrise and sunset is always special. It gives a particular feeling, romantic, relaxing, being nowhere and everywhere…. But that moment! It looked like the sun was literally saying goodbye to us. And actually not a goodbye, but a see you later. And that’s what will happen… One time we will meet again.

Note of the photographer

I tried to make the perfect picture to catch the magic of the moment. Unfortunately I only partly succeeded. Due to the dirty windows of the plane and due to the distance of those special clouds. I did my utmost best to capture it. This shot was the best of the set. I must admit that I did use some photoshop to get rid of the ‘grease stains’ on the window.

Enjoy and remember the memories and dream about the future!

Leaving Bonaire - sunset from the plane
Leaving Bonaire – sunset from the plane
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